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Global coverage of MBR Digital Boundaries

The MBR Digital Boundaries can support your goals by visualizing your data analysis. With this insight in maps, you will gain a better awareness of your markets. Use cases with the need for Digital Boundaries are, e.g., sales strategies, product placement, location expansion, or market research.

Our global boundary dataset includes administrative, postal and microgeographic vector-based digital maps for 248 countries with more than 1,000 geographical levels in total.

Release 2022 der MB-Research Digitalen Grenzen

The MBR Digital Boundaries are held to the highest standards so that you can take advantage of the following:

  • Accuracy
    All MBR layers are correct and precise. They are topologically correct and seamless to the boundaries of neighboring states.
  • Compatibility
    Data and areas of several countries can be easily combined in one layer due to a unique key facilitating transnational analyses and fitting perfectly to our market data.
  • Large Inventory
    MBR offers one of the most extensive collections of digital boundaries at the administrative, postal, and micro levels.
  • The Latest Update
    All layers are updated at periodic intervals with strict quality control and are easy to renew due to the unified structure of the layer names, higher-level area hierarchies are included in our packages.
  • Easy To Integrate
    The digital boundaries are provided in all standard GIS formats:
  • ESRI-Shapefile (.shp)
  • GeoDataBase (.gdb)
  • MapInfo TAB Extended (*.tab)
  • GeoJSON (*.geojson)
  • GeoPackage (*.gpkg)
  • Further formats on request.
  • Vector-based
    This format allows performance editing at any zoom level, allowing you to change and control the data. The MB-Research Digital Boundaries are provided in the geographic coordinate system WGS 84 (EPSG: 4326).
  • Additional Names
    Country-specific information on the names and languages is available in each country together with their language and writing systems.
  • City Points
    The names of the cities with over 50,000 inhabitants are included in our deliveries in an extra layer.

Update of our Global Boundary Datasets

With the updated boundaries "Release 2023", Michael Bauer Research GmbH provides the latest version of the territorial status. In addition to updated layers, MB-Research increased its inventory of different layers.

As of now, MB-Research Digital Boundaries for the following countries are additionally available or have lately been updated:

  • India (Wards of 50 major cities and Subdistricts):
    For a more detailed analysis of the major cities, these are now available on the level of Wards.)
  • China
    Townships for several further provinces have been added.
  • Singapore (6-digit Postcode Areas)
    An additional more granular level has been released.
  • Albania (4-digit Postcode Areas)
    A new postal level is available.
  • Kosovo (5-digit Postcode Areas):
    Additional postal level is released.

Further improved levels:
  • Mexico (AGEB Urbanas y Municipios)
  • Turkiye (Mahalleler)
  • Algeria (Communes)
  • Vietnam (5-digit Postcode Areas)
  • Slovenia (Prost Okolisi)

Furthermore, we released the "city points" for cities with over 50,000 inhabitants in 2022 within our standard MB-Research Digital Boundaries packages. MB-Research now offers the names not only in English but as well in the national language.

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