Market Data Europe

We can offer you for whole Europa a big variety of Market Data and Digital Boundaries suitable for your special applications.

Purchasing Power in Europe

Purchasing Power is the most common indicator for the potential consumption of a region used by manufacturers of consumer goods, merchants and service providers, who deal with regional sales planning, location analysis and geographical marketing.


Consumer Spending by Product Groups

In order to improve your ability to respond to the specifics of your market, we enhanced our general Purchasing Power and calculated Consumer Spending for 20 categories.

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MB-Research Consumer Styles

This study distinguishes 10 internationally comparable consumer styles and can be delivered for a lot of countries worldwide.


MB-Research Daytime Population

MB-Research Daytime Population allows you to analyze your customer potential during the day in more detail.


Retail Data

Identify the profitable markets in Europe for Retail Trade.



You are looking for the most important basic information for your planning and analysis? Then MB-Research Sociodemographics with data about the spatial distribution of population by gender or age groups, households or unemployed is right for you.


Europe Regional

Basis for delineation and performance control of your sales areas and the preselection of your point of sales.


Digital Boundaries

Matching to our data we can offer you MB-Research Digital Boundaries for use in your GIS: administrative and postal layers as well as customized background-layers.

ESRI Business Partner

MB-Research is official ESRI Business Partner (Data Provider).

(Trademarks provided under license from ESRI.)