MB-Research Daytime Population

MB-Research Daytime Population indicates how many people are in an area on an ideal working day (Mon-Fri). The study is available for Europe on administrative, postal and microgeographical levels.

MB-Research Daytime Population in Munich metropolitan area

Balance between Day- and Nighttime Population

Besides the basic characteristics of the target group, companies need more information about the whereabouts of their potential customers during the day. However, most of the time, the clients' place of residence is not where they spend their time during the day. With MB-Research Daytime Population, it is possible to analyze where there is an area that is heavily populated during the day and therefore tends to be a place of work or study, a tourist destination, a leisure event or a shopping opportunity.

Ready to use, even with GIS!

MB-Research Daytime Population is delivered as a well-arranged Excel-table.

For use in a GIS (Geographic Information System), we offer suitable digital area boundaries in a common format of your choice. If you wish, we can integrate the market data directly into your digital boundaries - without any intermediate steps, you can load the data directly into your system and use it immediately.

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